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Making Money from YouTube

YouTube is a place to go watch videos posted by other people.  In the same way, you can also post your own videos, ranging from a video of you fixing something around the house, making a dish or some craft, places you visited and traveled to, to many other interesting things that you can think of.  It turns out that if you are posting videos on YouTube and can get a lot of people to be interested in your videos, then you can have YouTube show advertisements with your video and you can earn a portion of what the Advertisers pay YouTube.  Although, YouTube has its own terms of service, a few things to remember are:
  • Be reasonable with what you post.  If you post something that is offensive or illegal, not only that your video may get removed, but your account may also get suspended.
  • You need to get more than 1000 people to find your videos interesting enough to subscribe to your channel.
  • Your videos need to have been watched for at least 4000 hours in the last twelve months.
The minimum number of subscribers and hours watched is somewhat steep for someone that is just starting, but I recently found out that a company named Tube Grow is building a community to help people get started.  There services is currently in beta, but I think they are hitting the right spot to fill the gap for the newcomers.