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Google Voice voicemail not forwarding

Recently after a factory reset, I found out that Google Voice app had not setup the voicemail properly.
The setup that I usually have on my Android phones are:
  • Google Voice to make all calls
  • Google Voice to be used as the voicemail on the handset.  (Hangout also comes in play)
I recalled that when running Google Voice App on the phone for the very first time after the factory reset of the device, it did sign-in and configuration on the phone.  The last step of the configuration was for the App to make sure the voicemails are routed to Google Voice instead of the carrier's (AT&T in my case).  In my case, the phone was a Samsung Galaxy S5 (aka G900A).

If you have the same issue, do not replace the AT&T number in the call forwarding settings manually.  To fix this, I signed out of Google Voice in the App, under Settings of the App.  Then signed back in to redo the setup.  The same issue with hiccup at the last step happened again.  After this, open the phone dialer, and call *004*xxx-xxx-xxxx# , where the xxx-xxx-xxxx is your google voice number.  This last step setups up CCF or Conditional Call Forwarding properly resulting in unanswered calls, etc to be routed by AT&T's systems to Google Voice.

In part, I used https://forums.att.com/t5/Data-Messaging-Features-Internet/Google-Voice-voicemail-set-up/td-p/1970069 for coming up with this solution.